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The Capital Auto Company wants to be your headquarters for hassle-free shopping on your next pre-owned Audi. Thanks to its distinctive combination of premium technology and precision engineering, we're especially big fans of the four-rings brand. Simply put, these are some of the most prestigious used cars for sale in Sherman Oaks. We make them easy to own, too, with superior customer service and smart financing solutions even for shoppers with poor credit. Put your trust in us, and we’ll put you into the Audi of your dreams!

And just to be clear, you’ll enjoy the same impressive buying experience no matter what brand of used car you purchase from us.


Upscale German cars and SUVs like the ones from Audi can take a pretty big investment, but used models can both lower your initial outlay and increase the bang for the bucks you do spend. It’s the result of ongoing depreciation, which plays an important role with nearly all of the used cars for sale in Sherman Oaks.

Depreciation is what reduces a car’s worth over time, and often by a significant amount: A brand-new vehicle can depreciate by more than 20% in a single year and by 60% or more after five years. Yet many used Audis can be in excellent shape at that point, so that even though they’re priced lower than new editions, due to a lower “book” value, they can still provide plenty of real-world value to you.

Needless to say, it’s only those higher-quality pre-owned Audis that we select for our inventory. We also put as much effort into setting a fair price as we do into making sure our vehicles can meet your standards. It’s the kind of premium treatment you deserve when buying a premium vehicle like an Audi — and the kind you get from Capital Auto Company on every visit.

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Audi has built its sterling reputation on the principles of “Vorsprung durch Technik” — or “Progess through Technology.” In any language, that means Audi vehicles are among the most technologically advanced used cars for sale in Sherman Oaks. Further, Audi blends its remarkable driver-assistance systems and advanced connectivity tech with pure luxury that puts your comfort and convenience first. It takes just one test drive to discover the difference! (Just keep in mind that exact equipment can vary by model and model year.)

  • Audi’s “virtual cockpit” provides a comprehensive digital driver display that can be customized to meet your needs by putting key vehicle information where it’s simple to see.
  • The brand’s infotainment systems, some with dual touchscreens, can help you stay in touch as you travel with WiFi compatibility, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa integration, and wireless charging.
  • Staying confident is also a breeze with Audi safety tech including adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, intersection assistance, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance, head-up displays, and even night-vision with pedestrian and large-animal detection.
  • Audi showcases top-notch amenities that can turn any drive into something special with rich leather heated/ventilated massaging seats, limo-like rear-seat setups, real wood inlays, panoramic sunroofs, Bang & Olufsen audio systems, hands-free access, and signature laser-light LED headlamps.
  • You’ll be ready to drive into the future with Audi’s electrifying powertrain technology.


Drivers here in Southern California can have very specific requirements, and not all of the used cars for sale in Sherman Oaks will fit their preferences. That said, the folks at Capital Auto Company have years of experience satisfying local owners, so we’re confident we can do the same for you. For instance, if we don’t have a particular pre-owned Audi on our lot when you visit — either in person or online — we’re more than ready to reach out to our extensive network of contacts to help you drive your dream today!

  • Truly trail-capable, Audi’s SUVs aren’t only versatile, they’re also well equipped with technology and luxury you’ll want to take with you on any terrain. Look for models like the Audi Q3, Q5, Q7, and Q8, where the bigger numbers are used for bigger vehicles.
  • Audi’s car lineup generally features “A” names running all the way up to the Audi A8 full-size flagship sedan. You can enjoy Audi ownership in coupes, cabriolets, and wagons, too.
  • Engineered for serious enthusiasts, the Audi TT sports car is a hot-handling road machine with iconic good looks and nimble proportions.
  • Level up to the Audi R8, and you can command a full-on supercar that can reach 60 mph in a blistering 3.2 seconds and keep on going to a terminal velocity of 205 mph.
  • To bring more thrills to the rest of the roster, Audi engineers can upgrade many models with motorsports-inspired performance, exclusive styling, and “S” and “RS” designations to signal their go-fast enhancements.
  • The Audi e-tron family brings the brand’s benefits to EV owners courtesy of an ever-expanding range of electrically powered models.


You can actually read the story of the Audi brand just by taking a quick look at its famous four-rings logo: Those four circles represent the four early German automakers that partnered to form Auto Union in 1932: DKW, Wanderer, Horch, and Audi. Auto Union became a fairly well-known brand in the pre-war years, thanks in large part to its success in both Grand Prix racing and setting land-speed records.

The company continued in business after World War II and was eventually acquired by other automakers. First came Daimler Benz, and then, in the 1960s, the Volkswagen Group took over. However, VW revived the Audi name as the face of its new acquisition to make a fresh start. Yet one thing that did remain intact was Auto Union’s focus on motorsports. Audi’s multiple World Rally Championships highlighted its growing all-wheel-drive expertise start in the 1970s, and the early 2000s saw the brand dominate the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race with an incredible 13 victories in 15 years. It’s no wonder Audi’s production cars are winners as well.

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